Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This is a series of updates related to immigration reform issues affecting Georgians with particular recognition of the potential impact from federal legislation now being considered in Congress.

thumbnailUpdates on Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 174

    Border Bishops Speak. Catholic bishops of the United States minister along the Mexican border to migrants and speak out in their support. Executive Action. Following court decisions, the executive orders related to immigrants and refugees remain unenforceable. By all … [Read More ]

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 173

    Executive Orders Related to Refugees. The Trump Administration still pursues a broad policy to prohibit refugees and other from entering the United States. While the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked implementation of the executive order, the Administration … [Read More ]

  • Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 172

    Executive Orders Related to Refugees. Over the weekend, a federal district court in Washington prohibited implementation of the ban and the Court of Appeals temporarily upheld the prohibition. The administration still pursues the ban. Anyone who may be affected by … [Read More ]

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