Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 258

Over Christmas and New Years, the media has focused the Administration demand for $5 billion to build a wall, but individual and family immigration issues have not gone away. Indeed, some are getting worse. Here are some of the ongoing issues.

Federal Government “Shut Down” Affects Immigration Courts. Federal immigration are hopelessly backlogged and the federal government shut down is making it worse as cases are indefinitely postponed. If you have a hearing in the near future, be sure to carefully check the schedule but do not miss a hearing!

Be Sensitive – Refugee Children Have Unique Problems.  “Being a new refugee means being in constant crisis because everything is unfamiliar. I became a refugee success story, but we need a path for others.” Read the full story from @FadiaAfashe in @USATODAY. 

Are There Resources To Help Refugee Children? The website of the Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (BRYCS) program is designed to provide technical help in addressing the unique settlement needs of refugee children.  

Justice for Immigrants Offers Webinars – Have You Missed Them? Justice for Immigrants provides several free webinars over the course of the year. If you missed one or more, you can catch up from the JFI archives.  

Remember Unaccompanied Children in Prayer. Immigrant children who are not living with parents or even other relatives need all types of support. We can all give them our prayers. Here is a prayer starter.