Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 263

It is Not Too Late to Advocate for Refugees at the State Capitol. Thursday, February 14, is the New Americans Celebration at the State Capitol. This is an educational and advocacy event sponsored by the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies which includes Catholic Charities Atlanta. Click here for more information and registration.

Humanitarian Crisis and Our Lady of Guadalupe. These are only two of the free webinars that Justice for Immigrants has archived. Take the time to get up to date if you missed the originals.

Listen to Catholic Scholars Putting Immigration into Perspective. On February 4, Georgetown University brought together a moral theologian, an advocate for the U.S. bishops on immigration issues, an Evangelical leader on immigration and a Georgetown student directly affected by the immigration stalemate. Listen to their views.

ICYMI – There is Still Time to Renew DACA Registration. The U.S Supreme Court has delayed hearing the Administration’s challenge to DACA. For those who want to renew their DACA registration, there is still time to submit a renewal application. As always, consult a qualified immigration attorney.

Myths of Immigration. As with most controversial issues, there are many myths related to immigration – jumping ahead of the line, high crime, taking jobs and more. See the facts from the Jesuits. The Jesuit Refugee Service calls on policymakers for compassion and recognition of the human dignity of asylum seekers.