Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 266

National Emergency: Caring for Migrants. Bishops from Mexico and the United States as well as other interested parties gathered in El Paso, Texas, to discuss ways to support asylum seekers on both sides of the border, particularly in light of the Administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Read about the meeting.

Bishop Mark Seitz lamented the loss of life in the desert. “The desert speaks, because on this land has fallen the blood of many who are trying to pass to find a dignified life, and we can hear the shouts of land telling us that our policies have consequences.” 

More Than 500 Interfaith Groups Oppose the “Remain in Mexico” Policy. CLINIC and Church World Service delivered a letter on behalf of the diverse groups, which opposes the policy that requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until claims can be considered. The policy creates greater risk for the asylum seekers. 

There are Still Infants Detained in Dilly, Texas. Despite opposing claims, there are still infants and mothers in the Homeland Security detention facility in Dilly, Texas. Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) along with other legal advocacy groups have written a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding release of those mothers and children as required by federal law.

Number of Undocumented in U.S. is Declining. According to the Center for Migration Studies, the number of undocumented in the United States is declining. Read the executive summary of points with a link to the full report.