Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 268

What Happened to “Share the Journey”? Pope Francis initiated the two-year journey almost a year and a half ago to encourage people all over the world to educate themselves and support migrants. There is still time to participate and Lent is a good time to pray and sacrifice. The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Rice Bowl program is an excellent way to participate. See the “Share the Journey” website with recommendations including a CRS link.

Join Pope Francis in Prayer. During the month of March, Pope Francis asks all to pray to eradicate human trafficking – modern slavery. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a program for education, advocacy and action to attack human trafficking.

Ask the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Rescind the Remain in Mexico Policy. It is not a crime to seek asylum. It is a right. DHS policy prevents exercise of that right by impeding asylum seekers from entering the United States at the Mexican border. As a result, many asylum seekers must wait in unsafe conditions in Mexico. Read more about it and send an email to the Secretary of DHS here. Justice for Immigrants makes the process easy, but you can have a big impact.

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? The question is more than an offer of a wake up drink. It can also be an invitation to community and sharing. Refugee Coffee offers that opportunity for community in Clarkston, Georgia, known as the Most Diverse Square Mile in the World. The world has noticed. “We want to connect people,” said founder Kitti Murray. Read the complete story here. Refugee Coffee offered free coffee to participants in Refugees At the Georgia State Capitol this year.