Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 270

Important Update for Liberians! This past week, at the last minute, the Administration extended the temporary protected status (TPS) for Liberians to March 30, 2020. In this article, read about the protections TPS affords and comments on what Liberians in the United States need to know. As the name implies, TPS is only a temporary reprieve. CLINIC commented on the need for a permanent congressional solution over the next year.

Why Asylum Seekers Do Not Want to Stay in Mexico? The Administration wants asylum seekers to stay on the Mexican side of the border awaiting a hearing. Read this article showing why this policy fails to protect people who have a right to seek asylum.

FaithBased Response at the Border. While the Administration creates chaos and hardship at our southern border, the Catholic bishops with dioceses bordering Mexico have joined with other faith-based organizations to offer help for migrating people, not “strangers among us” but our brothers and sisters. Read more here.

“Center of the Church’s Heart.” During his 27-hour trip to Morocco, Pope Francis continued his focus on the dignity of migrant peoples and the need for a welcoming attitude. The Holy Father addressed them as the “center of the Church’s heart.”

Urge U.S. Government to Resettle 30,000 Refugees in This Fiscal Year. Is that a lot? Over the last forty years, the average number of refugees authorized for resettlement in the U.S. has been 90,000. Half way through the 2019 federal fiscal year, we are on track to resettle about 23,000. Refugee resettlement in this country and in Georgia, under the leadership of Catholic Charities, has benefited the refugees and our own nation. See the Justice for Immigrants website for more information and a way to urge more resettlement.