Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 273

Stations of the Cross With Pope Francis. On Good Friday 2019, Pope Francis presided over the stations of the cross with meditations written by Consolata Sister Eugenia Bonetti, 80, a long-time advocate against human trafficking. Read the text of the meditations and the closing prayer written by the Holy Father himself here.

Have You Missed a Justice for Immigrants Webinar? Have no fear. JFI archives their webinars and makes them available to all.

Citizenship Has Benefits. Do you know lawful permanent residents (“Green Card” holders) who talk about applying for citizenship but never get started. A free webinar from Justice for Immigrants might help you motivate them.

Want to Dig Into the Legal Details of Immigration? The best place to learn all the current immigration legal practice is CLINIC’s annual convening that will be held in Pittsburgh, PA from May 29 to 31.

Tax Season For Those Without Immigration Documentation. Even without documentation, taxes are due this time of the year. Many individuals without documentation do pay income tax either by filing returns or failing to claim over paid withholding. Why would they file returns and pay? Read more here.

What Is It Like On The Immigration Front Line? We hear a lot of statistics and arguments, but what is involved in working face to face with immigrants on the front lines of an immigration law practice? Read a reflection from a Miami Catholic Charities attorney.