Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 274

Questions About Citizenship? What does a legal permanent resident need to do to obtain U.S. citizenship? Go to a free citizenship clinic at Gwinnett College on May 11 to obtain information.

In addition, if you know a lawful permanent resident (“Green Card” holder) who talks about applying for citizenship, but never gets started, a free webinar from Justice for Immigrants might help you motivate him/her.

Gwinnett County 287(g) Participation. The federal program known as 287(g) authorizes a state law enforcement agency to enforce immigration laws. Not all county or city agencies in Georgia have chosen to participate, but the sheriff of Gwinnett County has announced that his Sheriff’s Department will actively participate. Currently, the counties of Cobb, Floyd, Gwinnett, Hall and Whitfield are the only participating counties in Georgia.

Bishops Opposing Rule Changes That Make Asylum More Difficult. Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso continues to speak out for the protection of immigrants. This time, he testified how the diocese and other border communities are serving asylum seekers. “It is an honor for the Church and for Christians in general to serve these vulnerable people…. We do not begrudge the opportunity, but our resources and our volunteers are being significantly strained by the scope and duration of the high arrival rates.”   See his full written testimony here.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) For Venezuelans. TPS was established by Congress through the Immigration Act of 1990 to protect foreign nationals in the United States from being returned to their home country if, during the time they were in the U.S., it became unsafe from violence, disease or death. Because of the political upheaval in Venezuela, the country should be designates for TPS to protect Venezuelans living in the United States, but the Administration has not yet acted. See more details here.

ICYMI – Have You Missed a Justice for Immigrants Webinar? Have no fear. JFI archives their webinars and makes them available to all.   

ICYMI – Want to Dig Into the Legal Details of Immigration? The best place to learn all the current immigration legal practice is CLINIC’s annual convening that will be held in Pittsburgh, PA from May 29 to 31.