Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 279

Spring General Assembly of Bishops in Baltimore. While the bishops rightfully gave much attention to the abuse crisis during their recent meeting, the needs of immigrants is an important issue, especially with regard to the activity at the southern border. See reported comments by Bishops Mark Seitz, Daniel Flores and others.

USCCB Implores Administration For Help In Curbing Violence in the Triangle. On behalf of the bishops of the United States, Bishop Joe Vasquez issued a statement of solidarity with the bishops of Mexico who have expressed concern for the lack of humanitarian reception for migrants at the United States/Mexican border. “Our brother migrants must not be a bargaining chip. No negotiations should be placed above what the church and civil society have defended for years: not criminalizing migrants nor the defenders of human rights.”  

Who Are Asylum Seekers? There are asylum seekers in Georgia, not just at the border. United States and international law protects asylum seekers. Learn more from the Justice for Immigrants backgrounder on asylum. There may be someone you can point in the right direction.

Labor Trafficking Exists in Georgia. Do not overlook the possibility that illegal labor trafficking occurs in Georgia and immigrants are particularly vulnerable. See this article reporting arrests in Wisconsin related to individuals trafficked from Georgia.

Learn More About Human Trafficking. The United States Department of State Council on Human Trafficking has released its 2019 annual report, which is available for download here.