Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 285

Your Rights!  The ICE raids in Mississippi demonstrate the importance of preparation. The CLINIC Rapid Response toolkit provides important resources for anyone who may be in danger of detention. Study the materials before you need them!  

USCCB Chairs Call for Change in Language and Rhetoric of All Americans. On August 8, 2019, the chairs of the bishops’ Committee on Migration,  Committee on Domestic Social Development, and the Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism, issued a statement expressing their deep concern about the racism and xenophobia that apparently motivated the massacre in El Paso. The bishops lamented the tragic loss of life, which “demonstrates that hate-filled rhetoric and ideas can become the motivation for some to commit acts of violence.” They further called on “all to act swiftly to stop using hate-filled language that demeans and divides us and motivates some to such horrific violence.” And, instead, asked “our leaders and all Americans to work to unite us as a great, diverse, and welcoming people.” Read the full statement here.

Aid For Migrants at the U.S. Mexico border.  Bishop Mark J. Seitz of the Diocese of El Paso and HOPE Border Institute have announced the launch of “Border Refugee Assistance Fund to Aid Migrants at the US-Mexico Border.” Thousands of migrants, mostly from Central America, are currently stranded in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, across the border from El Paso, TX. These migrants have been returned to Ciudad Juárez as a result of the Migration Protection Protocols, commonly known as Remain in Mexico.

Grants from the fund will be used to support the initiatives and shelters providing for the immediate humanitarian needs of migrants in Ciudad Juárez, the majority of which have been organized by faith communities. More details and information on how to donate to the fund may be found at the Diocese of El Paso’s webpage.  

Asylum Policy Affecting Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Blocked By Court. A federal district court has issued atemporary restraining order to protect the rights of thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children seeking asylum. The court order blocks the government’s implementation of a policy that would significantly limit vital protections for children under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA). The suit was filed by CLINIC and four other organizations on behalf of the affected children.