Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 291

World Day of Advocacy for Migrants and Refugees. Since 1914, the Catholic Church has been celebrating World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Pope Francis has designated Sunday, September 29 as the day to remember migrants and refugees and he has chosen the theme “It is not just about migrants” to help us recognize our blind spots and ensure that no one remains excluded from society, whether a longtime resident or someone newly-arrived. Learn more and download the official toolkit here.

Did You Miss Citizenship Week? No problem. Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) has a webpage and a toolkit full of information with all the reasons why someone should seek citizenship and the ways to go about it. Now is an excellent time to consider citizenship for those eligible.

Need an Explanation of the “Return to Mexico” Policy? The Administration has adopted a policy of returning asylum seekers at the southern border to await determination of reasonable fear necessary for asylum. Here is an explanation and here is what can happen.  

Deprivation of Medical Care for Children in Custody. Not only are children in immigration custody at the border separated from their parents, they are often deprived on essential medical care. See the complaint filed by CLINIC and others to understand the issues.

Jesuits leaders increase emphasis on supporting immigrants. The provincials of the Jesuit provinces in the United States and Canada have issued a statement encouraging all Jesuits and their clerical and lay associates to expand their advocacy for immigrants and refugees.