Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 305

Faces of migration. Do you want true stories of migrating people to share in your community? Follow JFI on Twitter. You can also share your own story of migration. Migrating people are not statistics. They all have faces, names and personal histories.

Do you want an information hub about how to help for refugee childrenBridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (BRYCS) aims to help families integrate into a new culture with a wealth of information and useful links. This is an indispensable tool box for refugee families and those helping them.

Deported to danger. What happens to those who are deported to El Salvador, especially those who are Salvadorians? Read this report from Human Rights Watch to understand the reality beyond the headlines.  

Do you really know what the new “public charge” rules mean to you? You may have heard of the new “public charge” rules, but do you understand them? Do you know how do they apply to you or people you work with? Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) provides a helpful page explaining the new rules. As always, consult an immigration attorney before taking any action that may affect your immigration status.