Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 308

Welcome Archbishop Hartmayer to the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Archbishop Hartmayer is a member of the board of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network and has been a strong advocate for migrating people. The Georgia Catholic Conference will continue to support his efforts.

Labeling for Lent.  How can you affect human trafficking beyond our borders? The Coalition of Catholic Organizations Against Human Trafficking (CCOAHT) is asking seafood producers, distributors and seafood retailers to make public, through packaged product labeling, their efforts to fight human trafficking in their product supply chains. Learn about human trafficking in the seafood industry and ways you can advocate for sisters and brothers being enslaved on the high seas here.

Immigrant workers have rights in the workplace. Don’t allow immigrants to be bullied or harassed in the workplace. Immigrant have rights under federal and state civil rights laws. See CLINIC’s informative resources here.

Pray for immigration attorneys and advocates. In the current political and regulatory climate, immigration advocacy is extremely stressful for those on the front lines defending and helping immigrants. See for example this case. Pray for all those dedicating their lives to justice for immigrants.

Important information regarding the 2020 Census from Justice for Immigrants:

Census 2020: Resources on Information Sharing and Immigrant Participation

Starting March 12th, households will begin receiving information about how to participate in the 2020 Census. As the U.S. government utilizes the Census to count population and accumulate the demographic data necessary to allocate federal funds and inform policy decisions, it is vital that all actively participate. 

Unfortunately, there are concerns that participation will be low this year over fears related the Trump administration’s failed efforts to insert a citizenship question and other data sharing concerns. In order to educate yourself about the information sharing possible through Census 2020 participation, please see our census data and information sharing resources in English and en Español.

Please also look out for JFI’s upcoming backgrounder about Census Participation and Access to DMV Records!