Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 310

What do you want to know about COVID-19 and immigrants? Refugees and immigrants, whether documented or not, are at greater risk than others from the COVID-19 pandemic. All refugees, immigrants and others who lack health insurance and access to affordable health care often cannot get the testing or treatment that would protect them and their family members. Also, all those who have limited resources are likely to go to work even when they have symptoms of the disease and expose others to infection. Justice for Immigrants has pulled together resource links to help refugees, migrants and their supporters with accurate information.

Did you receive a letter from the United States 2020 Census? If you received a letter from the United States 2020 Census, do not throw it away. Open it and respond through their website, mail or telephone. If you are assisting refugees or immigrants, whether documented or not, offer to help them respond as well. Here are available flyers in English and Spanish. The entire population must be counted, including those who may be present without documentation. Citizenship questions are not asked. Information is strictly confidential and cannot be used against anyone who responds. See explanatory resources from Catholic Legal Immigration Network here. See also other information here. Justice for Immigrants also offers some census related resources.

What are the benefits of immigrants to the United States? We all hear criticisms, but what are the facts? See JFI’s resources page to find more information.