Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 311

Immigrants are among the COVID-19 heroes. There are many well deserved comments directed toward those in the forefront of the battle against the suffering caused by the coronavirus, but keep in mind and in your prayers the many immigrants serving in the medical professions, 29 percent of all physicians and 38 percent of home health aides are foreign born. At the same time, the foreign born are substantial parts of other service industries which are being affected hard by the spread of coronavirus, including, hospitality, construction, home service and child care. See this page from the Migration Policy Institute with its downloadable fact sheet. Immigration policy has, in fact, become a crisis within a crisis. Learn more here. Unfortunately, the federal stimulus provides virtually nothing for the undocumented even though their susceptibility to the coronavirus can spread infection.

Return to the office better informed. In addition to working remotely, use time at home to increase your knowledge of immigration issues. Justice for Immigrants maintains an online archive of webinars. Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) also offers a variety of toolkits to broaden your knowledge of ways to help immigrants and refugees.

A loved one in detention? There is always concern when a loved one is in immigration detention, but fear increases dramatically as coronavirus spreads. Migrant Freedom has launched a #COVID19 Detention Hotline. Advocates and loved ones can call to confidentially report on conditions inside ICE jails and prisons. Dial 209-757-3733 to connect with a hotline volunteer.

ICYMI -What do you want to know about COVID-19 and immigrants? Refugees and immigrants, whether documented or not, are at greater risk than others from the COVID-19 pandemic. All refugees, immigrants and others who lack health insurance and access to affordable health care often cannot get the testing or treatment that would protect them and their family members. Also, all those who have limited resources are likely to go to work even when they have symptoms of the disease and expose others to infection. Justice for Immigrants has pulled together resource links to help refugees, migrants and their supporters with accurate information.