Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 314

President issues declaration suspending entry of certain immigrants. On April 22, President Donald Trump issued a declaration suspending entry of specified immigrants for at least the next sixty days. There are a number of exemptions and exclusions, such as essential workers, including in health care, nuclear family members and temporary workers. Get a detailed summary of the declaration here.

CLINIC Chair Jaime Soto, Bishop of Sacramento, joined other USCCB committee chairs in decrying the proclamation, saying: “There is little evidence that immigrants take away jobs from citizens. Immigrants and citizens together are partners in reviving the nation’s economy. We must always remember that we are all sons and daughters of God joined together as one human family.”

U.S. citizens married to immigrants are not getting stimulus checks. The recently passed federal CARES Act provides for checks up to $1,200.00 to U.S citizens, but citizens married to immigrants who do not have social security numbers and their children do not get a check even though some of those immigrants are working in essential services.

Pray the rosary for migrating peoples. CLINIC offers an explanation of the rosary and invites Catholics and individuals of good will to join in praying the rosary with meditations related to migrants.

ICYM – Call your lawyer. If you are represented by an attorney, it is important to keep in touch. With so many changes due to social distancing and isolation, do not assume that an immigration court case will be postponed. Many immigration courts are open and rights can be lost if you fail to appear in the court as scheduled. Ask your lawyer when your case is scheduled.