Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 315

COVID-19 is still an issue. Ending shelter-in-place orders, resources for policy, education and prayer are still needed. Justice for Immigrants has expanded its COVID 19 resource page to

It’s quick and easy. It’s not too late. It’s secure. Respond today. An accurate census is important for our future apportionment of legislative representation and allocation of social benefits. Everyone counts whether documented or not. Respond online.

Many are sheltering, but traffickers are working. As the economy deteriorates, financial pressure increases on the poor, especially the immigrant poor. Human traffickers seek out those in need to exploit them in their weakness. Keep trafficking victims in mind and study JFI’s Human Trafficking Tool Kit. As Pope Francis has said, “Human trafficking is a crime against all humanity. We must unite our efforts to free victims and stop this crime.”

U.S. citizens married to immigrants are not getting stimulus checks. The recently passed federal CARES Act provides for checks up to $1,200.00 to U.S citizens but citizens married to immigrants who do not have social security numbers and their children do not get a check even though some of those immigrants are working in essential services.

UPDATE: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund has sued the federal government over its denial of coronavirus relief payments to U.S. citizens who are married to immigrants without social security numbers. It is estimated that two million citizens or lawful permanent residents are impacted.

ICYMI – Pray the rosary for migrating peoples. CLINIC offers an explanation of the rosary and invites Catholics and individuals of good will to join in praying the rosary with meditations related to migrants.