Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 316

Welcome Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer! As bishop of Savannah, the new archbishop of Atlanta showed pastoral care for immigrants and refugees in south Georgia. He now brings that same care to north and central Georgia. In addition to his care of the local Church, Archbishop Hartmayer serves on the board of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. Ad Multos Annos!

What is DACA and why is a Supreme Court decision important? The Obama administration established the Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA) program by executive order to defer immigration enforcement against individuals brought to the United States at a young age with hope that Congress would soon establish a permanent immigration reform. The Trump administration attempted to end the program but federal courts prevented the administration’s action. The United States Supreme Court is expected to release a final determination that will affect the status of hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients as soon as this week and as late as the end of June. Read more background of this case here. Also, President John Garvey of Catholic University of America has expressed his opinion and support for DACA recipients.

Migration is about more than numbers. We have all seen statistics about migrants and refugees but behind every number there is a person and every person has a story. More than numbers, stories of real people draw the picture of migration in the United States and throughout the world. Justice for Immigrants gathers stories and shares them through its faces of migration webpage. Anyone with a story to tell can contact JFI through that page.

ICYMI –  It’s quick and easy. It’s not too late. It’s secure. Respond today. An accurate census is important for our future apportionment of legislative representation and allocation of social benefits. Everyone counts whether documented or not. Respond online.