Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 320

Prepare for World Refugee Day. World Refugee Day is coming on Saturday, June 20. Learn the difference between refugees and immigrants, find prayers for refugees, learn accurate facts and other information that will increase your understanding of an important human rights issue. See this Justice for Immigrants Toolkit.

Immigration and racism are related. Migrants face many obstacles as they seek freedom from oppression and racial discrimination, covert and otherwise. Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) demonstrated the connection in its recent statement standing against racism.

Immigration lawyers. In the best of times, the practice of immigration law is complex and difficult. In today’s world, the COVID-19 pandemic, sheltering in place and the virus of racism reflected in the death of George Floyd, not to mention the increasingly restrictive policies of the federal administration, make the representation of immigrants and refugees even more challenging. Anna Gallagher, Executive Director of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) described some of those challenges at the southern border of the United States and the ways CLINIC and affiliated agencies are responding.

Inspiration at the border. For inspiration, see Sister Norma Pimentel’s TED talk on Restoring Human Dignity at the Border.

ICYMI – Pray the rosary for migrant vulnerable populations. Justice for Immigrants proposes five different sets of rosary meditations for migrant vulnerable populations. In addition, the Archdiocese of Atlanta Justice and Peace Ministries has designated June as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Pray and learn from the information available here.

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