Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 321

Pope Francis. “We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life.”  See a local view on the same issue here.

Young Latino leader gathering. Georgetown University and the Archdiocese of Washington sponsored a gathering for young Latino Catholics to discuss key issues and personal stories about faith and public life from distinguished Latinos and other leaders. Part of Georgetown’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, the gathering brought together distinguished speakers for discussion of racism and the effect of COVID-19 on Latino and other communities. Read the key presentations and other resources here.

The 2020 Census is not over and participation is still necessary. As the census continues, it is important that all residents of the United States on April 1 be counted, without regard to citizenship or legal status. Justice for Immigrants shares information on immigrant participation here.

COVID-19 affects us all. Keep up to date with the latest information on testing and protection as it affects everyone, including migrant and refugee populations. Justice for Immigrants provides resources.

Human Trafficking. As the Archdiocese of Atlanta focuses on human trafficking and all its horror during the month of June, take the opportunity to study the new human trafficking resources that Justice for Immigrants continues to develop.

ICYMI – Pray the rosary for migrant vulnerable populations. Justice for Immigrants proposes five different sets of rosary meditations for migrant vulnerable populations. In addition, the Archdiocese of Atlanta Justice and Peace Ministries has designated June as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Pray and learn from the information availab