Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 322

Supreme Court preserves DACA – for the time being. The United States Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, June 18, that the Trump Administration had acted unlawfully in the way it attempted to terminate the DACA program. Hence, DACA remains in effect; however, procedurally the Administration can try to rectify its mistakes and try to properly end the program. The ramifications of this decision are not yet completely known but we continue to follow developments. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops , Catholic Legal Immigration Network , Justice for Immigrants and many Catholic leaders, including Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, welcomed the decision while encouraging the president and the Congress to work for a comprehensive solution for all needing a path to citizenship.

ICYMI – COVID-19 affects us all. Keep up to date with the latest information on testing and protection as it affects everyone, including migrant and refugee populations. Justice for Immigrants provides resources.

Human trafficking – Georgia General Assembly. As the Archdiocese of Atlanta focuses on human trafficking and all its horror during the month of June, the Georgia General Assembly is taking some positive actions to help reduce labor and sex trafficking in Georgia. House Bill 823 provide for a lifetime disqualification from operating a commercial motor vehicle by persons convicted of trafficking other persons for labor or sexual servitude while using a commercial motor vehicle.