Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 325

Welcome Bishop-elect Stephen Parkes to the State of Georgia, the Diocese of Savannah and the Georgia Catholic Conference. The bishops of Georgia constitute the Georgia Catholic Conference and we look forward to assisting Bishop-elect Parkes in his service to the people of south Georgia.

Less than a week to have your voice heard. Wednesday, July 15, is the deadline for public comments on the administration’s banning immigrants and visa seekers from entering the U.S. It is not just about protection against COVID-19. See an easy to use template for sending an email.

The DACA saga is not over. Although the Supreme Court would not approve the administration’s attempt to end the DACA program, the court left open the possibility that the administration could rectify the procedure it used to issue the attempted closure of the program. The administration has announced its intent to issue a new order that may comply with the supreme court’s order. The process will take time, but those who are eligible for DACA registration or renewal, should contact a qualified attorney to seek registration or renewal.

Pope Francis and Lampedusa. Pope Francis’ first trip outside Rome after his election was to Lampedusa, an arrival point for immigrants from Africa. The Holy Father has continued to demonstrate his concern for migrating people throughout his pontificate. He recently celebrated Mass remembering the seventh anniversary of that trip and continued his advocacy focusing on the humanity of all immigrants and refugees.  Ad multos annos, Pope Francis.