Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 326

Learn more about human trafficking. Justice for Immigrants is supporting World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by offering a webinar about local and national actions, Thursday, July 30, at 1 p.m. Click here to register for the webinar. It will be time well spent as you continue to stay at home as much as possible.

Teaching children at home? Many parents will be teaching children at home in the near future and principles of civic participation are important for all to understand. Consider using these resources for classroom teachers, designed by Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), available to all. As an important element for citizen education, CLINIC teaches the dignity of every human being.

Federal immigration requirements are difficult to understand. Yes, they are difficult to understand so it is important to seek advice from qualified legal representatives when questions arise. In addition to supporting non-profit legal services, such as those offered by Catholic Charities Atlanta Legal Services, Catholic Legal Immigration Network advocates for changes to those regulations. Very few people outside government may pay attention, but rules affect real people, such as asylum seekers. See for example a 101 page set of comments drafted and submitted by CLINIC attorneys to help those seeking asylum in the United States. Asylum is important. Over 79,000 comments were submitted.

COVID-19 affects everyone. Take a look at the #COVID19 resource page on the Justice for Immigrants’ website today. They continually update their health, prayer and government resources. As you pray for those exposed to the coronavirus, especially remember those in immigration detention and in prisons where many (staff, detainees and prisoners) are testing positive.