Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 337

Fee increase blocked. A federal district judge has preliminarily blocked the Administration from increasing fees for people applying for family and employment-based visas, asylum and U.S. citizenship, in a case filed on behalf of Catholic Legal Immigration Network and seven other plaintiffs. The increases would have made it more difficult for many individuals to obtain immigration benefits to which they were entitled. Anna Gallagher, CLINIC executive director, called the increases “an affront to our Catholic value of helping the poor, for when we serve them, we serve our Lord.”

Foreign born priests fill need in the United States. We in the United States are blessed by many priests who have come to share their ministry. While he was bishop of Savannah, Archbishop Hartmayer has facilitated the orientation of foreign born priests in order to increase their effectiveness. Read an article describing what he has done.

Census continues. The Administration attempted to end the census process early, at the end of September, but a federal court has required that the census continues through the end of October. The results of the census are used for many purposes, including apportionment of congressional districts and distribution of government benefits. Even the undocumented must be counted. Being counted helps everyone. If you have not responded online or to a census taker at home, go to the official website and follow instructions.

“Pope’s favorite nun” gets award. Sister Norma Pimentel, director of Catholic Charities for the Rio Grande Valley, has been named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Sister Norma ministers to immigrants on both sides of the southern border, especially those living in deplorable conditions in Mexico as they are forced to wait for determination of their asylum status. She wants to use her award as a way of bringing attention to the needs of the people she serves. Read more about Sister Norma and what she calls a humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

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