Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 338

How can you support migrants in time of COVID-19? COVID-19 impacts migrants and refugees in the United States and around the world. Justice for Immigrants (JFI) has shared ways to support them. See their archives for this and other webinars saved for continued use. JFI also continues updating its COVID-19 resource page.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary. The Church encourages re-dedication to praying the rosary this month. Use JFI’s rosary for vulnerable migrant peoples as they look toward winter where many are held in refugee camps or makeshift detention centers.

Black Africans face problems in seeking asylum. Persecuted black Africans seek asylum in the United States by traveling to Mexico as a portal into the United States, bur often find themselves caught in Mexican detention centers. See more information about this underreported problem.

Please pray for Bishop Mark Seitz. Bishop Seitz of El Paso, Texas, has been a tireless advocate for migrants at the border and those who have entered the United States. Bishop Seitz has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is quarantined at home. Read more here.

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