Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 340

Elections are here. Early voting and mail-in voting has begun in Georgia. Get up to date information in English and Spanish thanks to St. Thomas Aquinas parish in Alpharetta. Early voting ends on Friday, October 30. Election day is Tuesday, November 3.

Novena for election. In preparing for the election, the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops is offering prayer intentions and an opportunity to join in prayer for the national election. Sign up here.

Justice for Immigrants webinar series. The JFI fall webinar series continues. Previous programs are available on the website and future programs are available live and after the fact. The most recent title is The Role of Race in Immigration Policy.

Comprehensive immigration reform and the path to citizenship. The Catholic bishops of the United States have long supported comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship (not “amnesty”) for undocumented immigrants. Comprehensive reform, however, has fallen from the headlines and certainly no reform will come in the waning days of the current Congress. The fear and pain of the undocumented has not gone away and the issue will need to be addressed in the next Congress. Forbes recently commented on the need to finally fix this longstanding problem. The road to real reform will not be easy but the Catholic bishops will applaud any positive activity, which will alleviate the suffering of many in our midst.

ICYMI — Good research for voting. Elections have consequences in public policy. Prepare for voting with the Civic Participation Toolkit from Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).

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