Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 345

DACA restored! A federal court has ordered the Trump administration to fully restore DACA, instructing DHS to open the Obama-era program to new applicants for the first time since 2017. Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, chair of the USCCB Committee on Migration, welcomed the court’s decision and expressed hope for even greater progress in finding a path to citizenship for these young people.

New administration on the horizon. Immigration advocates are anticipating changes benefiting immigrants and asylees after the Biden administration takes office in January. Early action is expected for restoring the DACA program and the ban on travel from majority Muslim countries. Additional changes are still needed to fix the broken immigration system, not the least of which are legislative changes.

In the midst of pandemic, foreign medical personnel are needed. Hospital administrators and medical advocacy groups are seeking support from the Biden administration to loosen procedures so that necessary medical personnel from other countries can enter the United States when the need is so great.

ICYMI – One Church, Many Cultures. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church, chaired by Archbishop Nelson Perez of Philadelphia, has published its fall/winter newsletter filled with informative and current articles.

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