Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 350

Presidential executive orders. The Biden administration continues to indicate its intention to issue immigration and refugee related executive orders that will reverse or modify executive orders issued by the previous administration. A series of orders expected on Friday, January 29, was postponed. The administration is, nevertheless, still expected to issue orders related to “remain in Mexico,” asylum and separated family policies among others. Those who might be directly affected by these changes should consult competent immigration attorneys to determine if their status may change.

Civic participation curriculum toolkit. As teachers and parents seek options to educate students in the ways of participation in affecting public policy, Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) offers a tool kit that can be adapted for home or classroom use. The materials may be sufficient for four classes.

Promoting citizenship and naturalization. The last few years have seen more and more restrictive policies related to naturalization. Changes are now being considered by the Biden administration. It may be time for those eligible for citizenship to seriously consider the step. See materials prepared by the New Americans Campaign and consult an experienced immigration attorney to find out your eligibility.

Changes may be coming to immigration courts. With the new administration, James McHenry, the director of the nation’s immigration courts, will step down. During his tenure, immigration judges saw changes such as placing quotas on the number of cases they should complete every year, ending their ability to indefinitely suspend certain cases, restricting when asylum can be granted and pouring thousands of previously closed cases back into court dockets. In the meantime, the case backlog increased and wait times continued to skyrocket. With new leadership, advocates are hoping for more reasonable adjudication processes.