Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 352

Georgia General Assembly. Senate Bills 33 and 34 have already passed the Senate. They would allow victims of sex trafficking to sue traffickers for damages and victims to change their names but keep previous names confidential to keep traffickers from locating them. Although not directly directed toward immigrants and asylum seekers, they benefit those who are most vulnerable to exploitation.

Black Immigrant Advocacy Week of Action. The week has passed but the needs highlighted during February’s Black History Month continue. Catholic Legal Immigration Network is among 110 immigration advocacy groups requesting that the administration takes action to eliminate racism in the immigration process that overlooks the needs of Black immigrants and refugees.

Unaccompanied refugee minors. The plight of refugee children fleeing without parents or guardians remains a real problem even if the issue has fallen from the headlines. Read the backgrounder prepared by the USCCB office of Migration and Refugee Services. According to reports, the Biden administration is planning to expand programs to aid these children.

Immigration reform? With all the talk of changes from the new administration, where is that one of a comprehensive immigration reform, which is so sorely needed? See this thoughtful article.

What does CLINIC do? The Catholic Legal Immigration Network was formed over thirty years ago by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to build and support a dedicated network of Catholic and community legal immigration programs and to advocate for vulnerable populations. CLINIC involves itself in a wide range of issues to advance its mission. Learn more here.

Immigration priorities for 2021. Each year, CLINIC prepares a list of advocacy priorities for its staff and networks. See its priorities for 2021.

ICYMI – Promoting citizenship and naturalization. The last few years have seen more and more restrictive policies related to naturalization. The Biden administration is now considering changes. It may be time for those eligible for citizenship to seriously consider the step. See materials prepared by the New Americans Campaign and consult an experienced immigration attorney to find out eligibility.