Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 353

What has the Biden administration done so far? There have been a multitude of executive orders from the president since inauguration day. Here is a good summary of the immigration and refugee orders complied by the Center for Immigration Studies. See additional information from CLINIC experts.

Immigration reform moves slowly. While the administration has issued executive orders, other reforms will move slowly. The administration is beginning the review and adjudication of backlogged asylum applications, but the border remains closed to asylum seekers. The administration has sent to Congress proposed legislation, which would allow a path to citizenship, promote integration and citizenship, embrace diversity and fairness, and grow the economy. No one expects this proposal to have a smooth passage, but it is a start toward a comprehensive reform. The USCCB and many advocates will follow the bill and encourage the reforms we have sought for many years.

Alien? Illegal Alien? Words matter. “Illegal alien” is a term used by some to describe foreign nationals who may not be documented. Many find the term dehumanizing or derogatory. The Department of Homeland Security has issued instructions stating a preference for terms such as “noncitizen,” “undocumented noncitizen” or “undocumented individual.” Everyone should use language carefully so as not to demean others.

Do you want a “deep dive” into current immigration law and practice? Every year CLINIC offers a comprehensive set of seminars and courses analyzing the current state of the law. Never has it been more important to keep up to date as the new Biden administration makes changes instituted by the Trump administration. The annual convening will be virtual this year. See registration information at

ICYMI – Promoting citizenship and naturalization. The last few years have seen more and more restrictive policies related to naturalization. The Biden administration is now considering changes. It may be time for those eligible for citizenship to seriously consider the step. See materials prepared by the New Americans Campaign and consult an experienced immigration attorney to find out eligibility.