Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 354

Pray the rosary during Lent. As you pray the mysteries of the rosary during Lent (and other times as well), remember our migrating brothers and sisters with the rosary for vulnerable migrants populations.

Executive orders. The Biden administration continues to affect immigration law and practice with executive orders making major changes to those issued by the previous administration. See summary of new executive orders here.

Do not become confused. With all the changes to immigration law, it remains important to seek competent help. Scammers try to mislead immigrants and refugees with false promises. Even small mistakes can affect status. See resources in English, Spanish and French at the CLINIC website.

Climate change affects migrating people. There are many reasons why people make the difficult life changing decision to leave their home country and seek a new home in a distant country. Each decision is personal, but changing climate characteristics can affect the availability of food. Food insecurity becomes an important reason for migration. See an analysis here.

Justice for Immigrants. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sponsors the Justice for Immigrants campaign. Make sure that you are not missing out on any of the new materials we are putting on the @USCCBJFI  website. See JFI transition documents and the new FAQs on recent executive actions. Go to and scroll to the bottom of any page and fill out the form.