Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 360

What can the Pope teach about immigration? From the earliest days of his pontificate Pope Francis has called the human family to solidarity with migrating people. See a summary of what the pope is teaching.

Fratelli Tutti and immigration.  Fratelli Tutti, the encyclical of Pope Francis, extensively addresses the needs of immigrating people and the opportunity of all to love and care for them. See resources and study guide for exploring the issues from a Gospel perspective.   

Is there a “Crisis” at the border? Politicians characterize the situation at the border to fit their own narrative. Read an enlightening interview with the new executive director of the Hope Border Institute, a grass-roots organization sponsored by the Jesuits and guided by the tenets of Catholic social teaching. 

Human Trafficking. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, First Lady Marty Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr have actively supported anti-human trafficking efforts in Georgia. See the recent public service announcement they have released. In addition, see the resource page on human trafficking from Justice for Immigrants.

ICYMI – Do you want a “deep dive” into current immigration law and practice? Every year CLINIC offers a comprehensive set of seminars and courses analyzing the current state of the law. Never has it been more important to keep up to date as the new Biden administration makes changes instituted by the Trump administration. The annual convening will be virtual this year. See registration information at