Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 362

Pope Francis: “Vaccines for all.” “Vaccines for all, especially for the most vulnerable and needy of all regions of the planet.” (Pope Francis, January 2021). See Vatican resources for church leaders.

Want to discuss migration and Fratelli Tutti? Pope Francis discusses migration extensively in his most recent encyclical Fratelli Tutti. Take time to study the Pope’s teaching with helpful resources prepared by Justice for Immigrants.

Are you working with refugee children and their families? Immigrant and refugee children have special needs related to human trafficking, welfare, education, genital cutting, youth development and resettlement. Bridging Refugee Youth and Children Services (BRYCS) provides resources to focus on their needs.  

ICYMI – Pell grants may become available for undocumented students. Pell grants are awarded to low-income students, who can use the funds to pay for postsecondary education at any of around 6,000 participating postsecondary institutions, but they have not been available to undocumented students. The Biden administration, however, is proposing to make those grants available in its 2022 budget. Keep an eye on developments that may open college to eligible undocumented students next year.

ICYMI – Do you want a “deep dive” into current immigration law and practice? Every year CLINIC offers a comprehensive set of seminars and courses analyzing the current state of the law. Never has it been more important to keep up to date as the new Biden administration makes changes instituted by the Trump administration. The annual convening will be virtual this year. See registration information at