Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 373

What is the Catholic Church doing on the border? There is much controversy about what the current and previous administrations have done to asylum seekers and others crossing the border. Catholic charity organizations have reached out with assistance. The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops and Catholic Charities USA have issued a statement on what they do and why they do it as an expression of their faith and their recognition of the human dignity of all people.

Federal budget bill affects the undocumented. Development of the federal budget is an exceedingly complex process and must pass many hurdles before it takes effect. Nonetheless, the U.S. Senate has adopted instructions for the 2022 budget that will include funding that will allow a path for citizenship for eligible undocumented immigrants. Bishop Mario Dorsonville, chair of the bishops’ Committee on Migration was encouraged by this Senate action. “While Catholic social teaching is implicated by many components of the budget resolution, we are pleased that the resolution sets up an opportunity for many undocumented persons to receive legal status. For decades, the bishops of the United States have been proponents of such reforms.” Read more here.  

How to write a letter that has an impact. There are many ways to advocate for just immigration policy, but letter writing, electronic or otherwise, is still effective. Register for a free webinar that will maximize effectiveness here.

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