Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 375

“Remain in Mexico” policy to be reinstated. The Trump Administration adopted a policy by which asylum seekers or migrants seeking entry to the United States would be returned to Mexico until their case could be adjudicated even though international law prescribed that they be help in the United States pending the result of the hearing – a period of time that might be months or even years. The camps in Mexico became unruly with dangers of assault, rape and murder. The policy had been challenged in court and the Biden Administration changed it to allow entry into the United States. This week, the Supreme Court reversed the Biden Administration policy. Anna Gallagher, executive director of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, said the decision would “deepen human suffering and continue to erode U.S. law and values at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Afghanistan. The deteriorating military and political situation in Afghanistan brings troubles on many fronts, including the need for legal services and humanitarian assistance. CLINIC is monitoring the situation and along with other agencies is seeking ways to help that will assure the dignity of every person. CLINIC has prepared a toolkit of useful background information and suggestions for assistance.

How will Afghan refugees be housed and cared for? While there is widespread support for accepting Afghan refugees who assisted United States forces over the last twenty years, there remain questions as to how these individuals will be supported in the United States and other locations. The questions are only beginning to emerge and answers may be long in coming. In the meantime, Catholic Charities of Atlanta is preparing to be part of the effort to assist those who are granted asylum. More on that effort here.

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