Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 376

How to help Afghan refugees. Thousands of Afghan refugees are being housed in the United States and at other locations around the world. See Justice for Immigrants resource page. For local opportunities, see Catholic Charities Atlanta.

Haitians also need help. Although other news has pushed the earthquake and hurricane in Haiti off the front page, the island remains devastated. Catholic Charities Atlanta is assisting with disaster relief for those who have evacuated to the Atlanta area, providing housing, food and clothing for those who came with nothing and have lost everything. For resources and ways to donate, click here

Second hand trauma is real. Most immigrants, whether coming from Central America, Africa or Afghanistan have come suffering trauma. Caregivers in the United States also can suffer second hand trauma when they hear traumatic story after traumatic story and they need compassionate care from employers and colleagues. See commentaries here.  Caregivers should not fear professional assistance when warranted.

Deportations to Haiti. Despite the physical destruction and civil unrest in Haiti, the administration has continued to return deportees to Haiti. Nearly 350 advocacy groups, including CLINIC, have written to President Biden and other senior officials describing the situation and requesting that deportations cease. See the letter here.  

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