Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 377

World Day for Migrants and Refugees is Sun., September 26. Commemorate the day designated by Pope Francis with the resources offered by Justice for Immigrants. The theme this year is “For An Ever Wider ‘We.’”

Pope Francis: Welcome immigrants and refugees. During his apostolic visit to Hungary and Slovakia, the Holy Father challenged developed countries to support refugees and immigrants. Standing with the marginalized who must flee because of war, persecution, famine and other calamities, the Pope directly and indirectly criticizes European countries and the United States. Read more here.

Legalization provisions in the Budget Reconciliation Bill. Budget reconciliation may seem like a strange place to find legislation providing for legalization of the undocumented but, in Congress 2021, it is necessary to adopt any procedure that has a possibility of working. Bishop Mario Dorsonville, chair of the USCCB Committee on Migration, endorsed the action of the Judiciary Committee to recommend inclusion of legalization. The reconciliation bill, nonetheless, has many steps before enactment and passage is not assured.

How to complete the Form N 400 application for naturalization. Catholic Legal Immigration Network offers a webinar to help complete the form needed to become a naturalized citizen.

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