Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 380

80,000 green cards have gone to waste. In the complicated calculus that governs immigration, the end of the federal fiscal year on September 30 saw the transfer of an estimated 80,000 green card applications, some of whom have been waiting years for the opportunity to apply for citizenship. The applications were delayed because of increased requirements under the Trump administration and the inability of the Biden administration to change the requirements and process the backlog. See a more detailed explanation here.

Justice for Immigrants resource pages. Where are there resources to help immigrants? Justice for Immigrants has compiled resources that can be found on  various resource pages of their website: Afghanistan; general immigrant benefits; and anti-trafficking.

ICYMI – Do you want more? Immigration news and policy modifications are coming from the government daily. Do you want migration more Action Alerts, weekly reviews, updates on webinars, backgrounders and much more? Go to, scroll to the bottom of any page and fill out the form. Justice for Immigrants stays on top of changes for you.

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