Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 382

Fratelli Tutti. The latest encyclical from Pope Francis discusses migration extensively. See a summary of the migration sections and a workbook from Justice for Immigrants here.

Justice for Immigrants Action Center – No more delay. The Catholic bishops and people of the United States have advocated for an immigration reform, especially a reform that creates a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who have long lived in the United States. Congress, however, continues to delay any actions, but the time for delay has ended. Contact your federal senators and representatives today. JFI provides more information as well as a way to contact your congressional representatives.

Interfaith posting toolkit for immigration. Interfaith Immigration Coalition has a large toolkit so that you can contact government officials in support of a pathway too citizenship. See how people of faith can join together to advocate for fair immigration policies. 

Immigration judges. Immigration judges are employees of the Department of Justice, hence, they must follow department policies. Under the Trump administration immigration judges chafed under the requirement that they decide a set number of cases even though they argued that the requirement interfered with the quality of their work. The Biden administration has now removed quotas and will assess judges on other quality standards. Advocates believe this will lead to more fair decision making. Read more here.

ICYMI — Do you want more? Immigration news and policy modifications are coming from the government daily. Do you want more action alerts, weekly reviews, updates on webinars, backgrounders and much more? Go to, scroll to the bottom of any page and fill out the form. Justice for Immigrants stays on top of changes for you.

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