Comprehensive Immigration Report No. 383

Do not fall for dishonest tricks of scammers! Immigration laws and rules can be confusing. Even well-meaning people can give poor advice, but there are dishonest notarios who give the wrong advice only to take your money. Look for qualified attorneys and representatives from among CLINIC affiliates. Watch for the signs of incompetent or dishonest counselors and avoid them.

Data debunks immigration myths. Researchers are showing that three myths about immigration are not supported by data. Findings show that immigrants do not strain the economic safety net or take jobs from citizens; that they do not bring crime; and they help fill voids caused by a combination of an aging work force, baby boomer retirements, declining birth rates and outward migration of long-term residents. Read more here.

How can we support new citizens? Even after becoming a citizen of the United States, immigrants continue to face challenges. They need our prayers. Here is a prayer for all new citizens.

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