Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 11

House of Representatives. The House of Representatives remains in adjournment for its August recess until mid-September. Across the country, House members are listening to many voices on all sides of the immigration reform issue; hence, it is important that our message based on Catholic teaching inform the debate.

Under an informal rule of the House, the Speaker of the House has indicated that he will not allow debate on bills that are not supported by a majority of Republican members even a majority of the full House membership supported the legislation. Along with many other religious, civic and business leadership organizations, we are particularly focused on asking Republican Congress members to allow a House reform bill or bills come to the floor for debate and vote so that some progress can be made.

Homily helps, draft bulletin inserts, and updated background papers on key issues are still available at the Justice for Immigrants website.

Justice and Peace Ministry. The Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Ministry will offer a program on “Immigration Reform: The Call to Participation” at St. Andrew’s Church on September 14 to present an authentically Catholic approach to immigration reform. In addition, a video and handouts from the Task Force’s June 19 presentation are still available on the Georgia Catholic Conference website:

Please take time to contact members of the House of Representatives and ask them to openly debate comprehensive immigration reform on the floor of the House. Representatives may be most effectively contacted through the USCCB Justice for Immigrants website at

The website helps identify the correct representative for each individual depending on voting residence.

I can provide additional information on request.