Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 122

Georgia Supreme Court Rules Against Dreamers. The Georgia Supreme Court rejected a claim by 39 undocumented immigrant students seeking the right to attend state colleges in Georgia at in-state rates. The Court noted, however, that there were other means of seeking judicial relief and attorneys pledged to use those means

Citizenship.  For those who are eligible, advocates encourage immigrants to seek U.S. citizenship. Among the benefits of citizenship is the right to vote and, thus, impact public policy;

IVYMI — Pope Francis Is Coming to America Again. This time he is coming to Mexico in less than two weeks. The Holy Father is expected to continue his advocacy on behalf of migrants, particularly when he visits Ciudad de Juarez on February 17

Georgia Proposed Legislation. The Georgia General Assembly has been in session for sixteen of its forty legislative days and there has been little discussion of issues directly related to immigrants.