Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 123

Pope Francis In Mexico. Pope Francis has begun his apostolic trip to Mexico. While he may touch on many issues during the trip, migration from Central America through Mexico and immigration into the United States are prime topics. In an interview, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, made the point: “It’s not wrong to think the pope is coming to the border to make a statement about the human dignity of immigrants,” acknowledging that such a statement has clear political consequences

Georgia Proposed Legislation. The Georgia General Assembly has been in session for sixteen of its forty legislative days and there has been little discussion of issues directly related to immigrants. Nonetheless, we are keeping watch over several bills that could impact immigrant peoples. For example, Senator Josh McKoon has proposed legislation to create a new driver’s license for DACA recipients to brand them as “illegal aliens.” We are also watching a constitutional amendment to make English the official language of Georgia.

ICYMI -Citizenship.  For those who are eligible, advocates encourage immigrants to seek U.S. citizenship. Among the benefits of citizenship is the right to vote and, thus, impact public policy.;