Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 128

Pope Francis Continues to Reflect on the Migration of Peoples.  Pope Francis spoke of the sufferings caused migrant people because of “closed door and closed hearts” The Pope reminded all that even in apparent abandonment, God is always present. “The true and radical return from exile and the comforting light after the darkness of the crisis of faith is fulfilled in Easter, in the full and definitive experience of the love of God, a merciful love that gives joy, peace and eternal life,” he said.

Also, in a powerful symbolic gesture that is sure to resonate across the globe from Europe to the United States and Australia, Pope Francis will wash the feet of 12 refugees on Holy Thursday in Rome

St. Patrick was a Refugee and Immigrant to Ireland.  We often speak of the contributions of immigrants to the United States and elsewhere but the Primate of Ireland, Archbishop Emmon Martin, reminded his people that St. Patrick came as an immigrant but ultimately brought untold grace to all Ireland

Immigrants Need to Pay Taxes. Regardless of one’s immigrations status, those who earn money in the United States must pay income taxes. Remind those with whom you are working of this requirement.

Georgia Proposed Legislation. As expected, several adverse immigration bills made progress in the Georgia General Assembly.

As of this writing, neither SB 6 which would require restricted driver licenses nor SR 675 which would propose a constitutional amendment limiting the use of non-English languages in government activity have advanced in the General Assembly.

The State Senate is still waiting to consider HB 781 (which is now identified as SB 83) to allow State and local governments to appoint as members of policy making bodies only persons who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents and legal residents of the State of Georgia.