Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 129

Easter in a Detention Center.  While some children hunt Easter eggs at the White House, advocacy groups will be directing attention toward the children and mothers who the United States government is harshly keeping in detention centers

Research Contradicts Political Claims. Candidates for public office are making many claims related to immigrants but objective research produces different results. For example, even though comprehensive immigration reform remains stalled in Congress, not everyone opposes a path to citizenship

Pope Francis Speaks to Refugees and Migrants During Holy Week.  On Holy Thursday, Pope Francis washed the feet of several refugees, including Muslims, Hindus and Copts There is a video on YouTube

Georgia Proposed Legislation. As we had hoped, the General Assembly did not adopt either SB 6 which would have required restricted driver licenses or SR 675 which would have proposed a constitutional amendment limiting the use of non-English languages in government activity.

The General Assembly did, however, adopt to allow State and local governments to appoint as members of policy making bodies only persons who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents and legal residents of the State of Georgia.

The General Assembly also adopted SB 269 which will make it mandatory, rather than optional, that certification is required for local governments to comply with the previously enacted sanctuary cities policy.