Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 146

Undocumented K through 12 Children. As schools in Georgia re-open, keep in mind that they cannot require proof of immigration status for admission to grades K through 12. If children are denied admission, parents must be encouraged to demand admission so that their children can receive the education which will help them progress.

Pope Francis Has Texas Immigrants on His Mind. “Always look towards the horizon, don’t let life put walls in front of you.” As Pope Francis departed from Rome for World Youth Day, he sent a message to young immigrants in Texas who were unable to travel to Poland. Read the whole story:

Refugees or Asylees Seeking Answers About Citizenship. Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) has made available an innovative way for refugees and asylees to learn about obtaining citizenship – through texting on their telephones. #text4refugees  Get more information at

Case Backlog Affects Immigration Court Cases.  The case backlog in Immigration Court continues to increase despite efforts to recruit and train new judges and court personnel  Delays can hurt the prosecution of cases but may also help some who continue to wait with no resolution. Cases may languish for seven or eight years and, by then, the character of the case may have changed. Over 500,000 cases are now waiting action.

ICYMI -Attorneys for Immigration Court.  When it is necessary to appear in Immigration Court (or any court), the potential for success is much, much better if you have a qualified attorney. Here, however, is guidance created in Spanish for the Immigrant Justice Corps to distribute at the New York City Immigration Court to the Central American asylum-seeking mothers and children in deportation proceedings. This guidance is helpful for all.