Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 147

Advocacy needed! There is a “temporary” provision in immigration law that provides a way for non-ministerial religious workers (that is, religious sisters and brothers) to become permanent residents in the Unites States. This provision will “sunset” or cease to exist unless Congress acts before the end of September. Read more about the issue and, if you can, contact members of Congress. An easy and effective way to contact members of Congress is included here:

Family Detention. The news cycle moves on and there is less in the news about the problems at the ICE family detention centers in Dilly, Texas and elsewhere. Nonetheless, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) in collaboration with others has not forgotten about these sisters and brothers and continues to advocate for their due process. See several articles at:

Second Reminder – Undocumented K through 12 Children. As schools in Georgia re-open, keep in mind that they cannot require proof of immigration status for admission to grades K through 12. If children are denied admission, parents must be encouraged to demand admission so that their children can receive the education which will help them progress.

ICYMI – Refugees or Asylees Seeking Answers About Citizenship. Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) has made available an innovative way for refugees and asylees to learn about obtaining citizenship – through texting on their telephones. #text4refugees Get more information at