Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 15

Archbishop Gregory. On September 12, 2013, the Atlanta Journal Constitution published an article by the archbishop ( ) along with a companion article taking an opposing position by political pundit Phil Kent.

Federal Legislation. As religious leaders continue to press Congress for action, immigration reform still moves slowly. We continue to ask the leadership of the House of Representatives to, at least, allow the members of the House to debate issues that affect millions of people in the United States.

Justice and Peace Ministry. On Saturday, September 14, the Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Ministry presented “Immigration Reform: The Call to Participation” to over 50 parish leaders. A series of speakers offered an authentically Catholic approach to immigration reform based on Scripture and the teachings of the Church. The Justice and Peace Ministry is willing to give a compact version of the program in deaneries or parishes with sufficient interest.

I can provide additional information on request.