Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 150

Immigrants Contribute to the Society They Join. Recalling the words of Pope Francis during his apostolic journey to the United States, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles emphasized the gifts of immigrants to the United States in a speech to the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders annual conference held Aug. 18-21 in Chicago

State Legislation Update. Interested in what is currently happening in State legislatures related to immigration? Join a free CLINIC webinar that will bring you up to date:

Unaccompanied Children. Over 26,000 unaccompanied children have come to the United States in 2016 and they risk everything, including their lives. Read an update on their experience when they reach the U.S.:

ICYMI – Voting Is Important for Those Who Are Eligible. Study the positions of candidates with respect to the treatment of immigrants and refugees and vote your conscience. ONLY REGISTER AND VOTE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE. In the rush to register voters and in the enthusiasm for one candidate or another, do not register or attempt to vote or help someone who is not eligible to register or vote. An ineligible individual can jeopardize future citizenship by registering or voting fraudulently. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) has more information and helpful flyers at

ICYMI – Do you know of a DACA renewal that has been delayed? It is always advisable to file DACA renewals early to allow for normal delays in processing. Nonetheless, many applications filed between February 14, 2016 and May 14, 2016 have been delayed due to technical issues at the U.S. Custom Service which is responsible for processing applications and cases were placed on temporary hold while the technical issues were resolved. Case processing has now been fully restored. However, for any applicants who may have suffered a lapse in their registration, important information is available at: