Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update 151

For Profit Detention Centers.  The U.S. Department of Justice is now formally considering eliminating its current practice of managing immigration detention centers with for-profit corporations. There have multiple problems with for –profit corporations running prisons and detention centers and this action by the Administration is a step in the right direction toward more humane treatment of our brothers and sisters who are detainees. Private prison companies operate about 73 immigration detention centers in the U.S.

Who Has Been Placed in Charge of the Roman Dicastery Responsible for Migration? Pope Francis has created a new dicastery (Roman Curia office) for Promoting Integral Human Development, including an office for migrants. Who did Pope Francis place in charge of that office? In a highly unusual action, he appointed himself to that office! Thus the Holy Father has emphasized how important he sees care of migrants in promoting human dignity, the basis for Catholic social teaching

Immigrants Contribute to the Society They Join. Recalling the words of Pope Francis during his apostolic journey to the United States, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles emphasized the gifts of immigrants to the United States in a speech to the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders annual conference held Aug. 18-21 in Chicago

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